Your Thyroid And Weight Loss

In this “fad of the day” diet environment many people are unaware of the importance your thyroid plays in maintaining your ideal weight. Your thyroid is one of those unsung working parts inside your body. Actually, unless it becomes a problem, we rarely think about it. To give you a comparison, think of your thyroid like you would think about the thermostat on your heater or air conditioner. We take
it for granted, it does it’s job turning on and off without us giving it much thought. But, if it breaks down or malfunctions we realize how much we rely on it.

A thyroid that is not working properly tends to lead to weight gain and fatigue. (Do you know anyone who’s gained some weight or is feeling tired?)

When these symptoms arise we generally think we are over worked or stressed (fatigue), and the weight gain simply means we’re eating too much or not exercising enough. It would be rare for someone to say, “Maybe it’s my thyroid”.

Here are some statistics I found that are shocking. It is estimated that 20 million people in the USA have some sort of thyroid disorder. And, about 5% of the population has an “undiagnosed” disorder. For women the stats are even worse.¬† They estimate that 1 in 8 women will have a problem with their thyroid.

Obviously, correcting and maintaining good thyroid health should be a priority. There are much worse results from having a malfunctioning thyroid. More dire than just  slight fatigue and some weight gain.

If you’ve gained a few pounds, or you’re feeling tired, maybe you should try working on your thyroid health as well as your exercise bike. I did, and I decided to try some holistic solutions, including Thypro.

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