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My Honest Opinion


Thypro Thyroid supplements are manufactured and distributed by Pacific Naturals, a USA based company. This is my review of my experience with this product.
(if you are looking for the official site click here)

I decided to try Thypro when I read about the importance of maintaining a healthy thyroid gland. I was a little shocked by some of the symptoms they described that could be the sign of an overactive, or underactive thyroid. I had quite a few of them. I was generally tired, ,but I have raised 3 kids (4 if you count my husband) and held down a full time job and working for a local charity. I also had gained some weight over the last decade (more than I’m willing to put a number to!).

So I decided to give this a try. I must say I didn’t notice much of a difference right away. About the second or third week I noticed that I actually wanted to get out of bed on a Saturday morning earlier than normal. Usually, I was exhausted and felt like I could have slept till noon. I also noticed after about a month that some of my jeans weren’t so tight. I didn’t change my diet, so I thought it might be the Thypro.

I am not going to tell you that this is some wonder drug that will change your life, make you more money, find true love and live happily ever after. For me, I feel better, more energetic and healthier. I think I have a certain piece of mind knowing that I’m doing something to prevent of support my thyroid gland. (One more possible illness I can hopefully check of my list).

Apparently a healthy thyroid does things like help you with cholesterol levels and brain development and function. Those are hard things to prove, but I personally believe them. (I just one my first family game of Scrabble in 11 years!)

I’m not a doctor, scientist or medical specialist. I have no deep research studies of tons of facts to back up whether Thypro works or doesn’t. All I have is my personal experience. For me, I’m feel much better now than I did a handful of months ago. And, the only thing I’m doing different is taking Thypro.

Why did I decide to write this?

When I was looking for information on this product I couldn’t find any reviews or results from what I thought were “real” people. I always wanted to start a blog, and this seemed like a good reason to do so.

Hope this helps. (end of my personal non-medicial, non- expert review)


Here’s a link to the Official Thypro website

Does It Work?


I had a friend ask me this question when I told her I was first starting to take Thypro.

Good Questions!

If you go to the official manufactures site you’ll see quite a few testimonials from people who’ve had terrific results that they attribute to Thypro Thyroid supplements. I don’t know any of those people, so I can’t vouch for them. After all, it is the internet 😉

My personal result is a little less flowery. Over the months I’ve been using this product I have lost a little weight and I generally fell more energetic. And, because I can’t figure out any other reason for being slimmed and perkier, I’ll stay with Thypro.

I’m not rich, and Thypro isn’t exactly dirt cheap, but I feel younger and healthier. Actually, I would pay more every month if someone could prove to me that it was actually the Thypro that has improved my quality of life this much. I decided to try Thypro after reading an article about how important thyroid gland health is to us as we age. However, it’s really hard to prove this works.

Here’s what I mean

They used to say to take a baby aspirin a day once you turn 40 to help prevent heart disease (especially for men). So, let’s say you take a baby aspirin a day and you live to be 90 and you never have a heart attack, does that mean that the aspirin was the reason you never had a heart attack?
Could be. It’s probably a factor.
But, can you PROVE it?

You really can’t. You can only prove that something like this DOESN’T work. For me, so far, so good!

For me, I’m getting the results I want. I feel healthier, more alive, I’ve lost some pounds and I’ve got the energy I had before my kids were born. Does Thypro work?

I can’t prove it does, but I’m going to keep using it.