Is This A Scam?

While researching online I came across a few posts and forums comments that said that Thypro was a scam. I was seriously thinking about ordering it and these comments really concerned me.

I did a little more research and here’s what I found.

Most of the complaints I found about Thypro WEREN’T about the actual product. The complaints seemed to fall into 2 categories.

Category #1: From time to time Thypro offers a “risk free trial”. Of course, there really is no thing as free. You order a two week supply of Thypro from their site and only pay a small shipping and handling charge. But here’s the “catch”, after 14 days, if  you haven’t contacted them by phone or email to cancel, they’ll bill your credit card and start sending you monthly supplies. Again, you’ll keep getting these monthly refills and you’ll get charged every month until you cancel. Some companies call this enrolling in an “auto ship” program. Here’s the thing, if these people tried the product, didn’t like it, and simply contacted the company to cancel within 14 days there wouldn’t be a problem.

Some people obviously didn’t read the fine print and are horrified when these charges start showing up on the credit card, and shipments come to their front door. They post their outrage on their most used forum or social networking site. They contact the company and demand their money back. The company is very willing to cancel future orders, but their refund policy then kicks in.

To some people who’ve purchased  on the “risk free trial” offer, and didn’t read the details, this is a scam. My question to them is, “did you really think you’d get something for nothing?” They give you a “sample” for just shipping and handling and are hoping you like it and don’t cancel. But, they make sure it’s up to the customer to cancel. Most companies don’t make money by giving things away for free. That is what a charity is for!

Which brings us to the second issue that has people screaming “Thypro scam”.

The refund policy. If you decide you don’t want to finish the product, and you wish to return it, you can send it back for a refund. However, the customer has to pay the return shipping and sometimes a small restocking fee. There are some people who obviously didn’t read these “details” either and scream SCAM when they have to pay for return shipping and stocking.

Luckily, Thypro worked for me so I didn’t have to return it for a refund. And, if I’m presented with a “free trial offer” I generally take the time to read all the details so I know what I’m getting into.

If NOT reading the details, and then being surprised when this happens is a reason to call something a scam, then that’s a little pathetic.

I didn’t find a single complaint about Thypro Thyroid supplements that had anything to do with the product itself.

I guess some people need to find fault in everything!

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