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After reading a lot of information on the internet I decided to try Thypro. I’d gained some weight and was feeling generally lethargic. I went online to see if I could find a retail location close to my house. I couldn’t.

Pacific Naturals manufactures Thypro and they also are the ONLY official retailer/seller.

The sales are done 100% online through their website.

There are good and bad points to being only able to buy it online from the manufacturer.
First (the bad points). I don’t like having to wait up to a week to have things delivered by snail mail
when there are 4 drugstore/pharmacy/health stores within a mile of my house.

Second (the good points). The best thing about having to order online from Pacific Naturals is that you are guaranteed you are actually getting Thypro. There is a certain amount of fear and skepticism when I buy anything online, but knowing I’m buying the “one and only original” gave me confidence when purchasing.

I’ve read that there are a lot of “offshore” pharmacies online that people are using to buy generic drugs and supplements. The supplement market is basically unregulated (unlike the FDA with the drug industry). People have ordered brand name supplements online from sketchy resellers only to receive products that contains 0% of the ingredients they ordered.

By purchasing Thypro directly from the manufacturer you are guaranteed to get the real deal.

That’s a good thing!

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