About Me

My name is Barb Wells and welcome to my first blog.

I’m 42 years old (actually I like to say I’ve just celebrated the 12th anniversary of my 30th birthday)

I have a loving husband, 3 good kids and I work as a dispatcher at a small trucking company in our area.

Over the past decade (or 2) I’ve gained some weight and I found my energy levels have really decreased.

I had a long wait in the dentists office one day and read a long article in a magazine that scared the heck out of me.

The article was about thyroid health and some of the things that can happen because of a unhealthy thyroid gland. It shocked me. Worse than that, many of the symptoms this article described as warning signs for an unhealthy thyroid described me to a “T”.

So, I talked to my husband about it, did some research and decided to find a product to see if I could improve the health of my thyroid, and what I’d feel like if I tried it.

My oldest daughter has a personal blog and I always told her I’d like to write online like that. She suggested I put up a blog about my thyroid and Thypro experience, and this is it.

Hope this blog helps


(PS. Yes, I’ve lost some weight. Not a lot, but enough that most of my friends and family has noticed.)